Japanaroo2022 Sep.3rd-Sep.11st

Invitation to Japanese BVS-pressurized Exercise

Director of BVSA: Takao Maeda
Company / Organisation: Blood Vessel Stretch Japan Association

Sport Event summary / Overview

Let’s work out together online live BVS-pressurized exercise!

We will introduce Japanese BVS-pressurized exercise which is an effective exercise method with special BVS pressurized belts.

This method promotes your health, anti-aging, weight loss, preventing lifestyle diseases, improving immunity, of course muscle training, by rejuvenating blood vessel age.

Mr.Takao Maeda introduces his quick and effective exercise method putting the belts on the base of the arms or thighs.

People living in Australia can get BVS Belts set(Including paid exercise videos) at a special price with perks only from Aug.1 to Sep.11.

You can also participate in the online(zoom) live exercise lessons(3days during event peiriod ) and watch archived videos in the facebook group during the event period.

If you have already had BVS-belts, join us for free!
Why don’t you join our online exercise?

We also have business opportunities in Australia as a certified instructor.
If you are interesuted in becoming BVS-pressurized exercise instructor,our training courses available online.

Application for “Invitation to Japanese BVS-pressurized Exercise” for Japanaroo2022
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①Those who have BVS belts are free.
②If you want to buy BVS belts set at a special price.
  It costs only AU$350/JP¥35,000
  (Though List price is JP¥99,000)

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