Japanaroo 2021 Aus.20-29th

Invitation to Japanese BVS-pressurized Exercise for Japanaroo 2021

Hello, everyone!

This is the special opportunity for you to join our online group lesson “Japanese BVS-pressurized Exercise”.

The training method using pressurized belts was invented by a Japanese bodybuilder in 1966. It is an effective exercise method that has been popular in Japan for many years.

Our BVS exercise is an evolved service that has been remade for anyone to do easier for their health, beauty and anti-ageing.

In order to participate in our exercise, you need a set of special BVS-pressurized belts made in Japan. This time we will prepare them for you who live in Australia.

We are going to share 5 days-live online lesson from our gym studio in Tokyo during Japanaroo event.

You can get our professional BVS-pressurized belts including our lesson video for your daily exercise.

In addition, If you are interested in our program as an instructor or any collaboration for your business, We are very happy to talk to you.

Details of our contents for Japanaroo2021

Live lesson schedule

  • Aug. 20th Friday Aus14:00(Jap13:00)
  • Aug. 22nd Sunday Aus17:00(Jap16:00)
  • Aug. 23rd Monday Aus20:00(Jap19:00)
  • Aug. 26th Thursday Aus11:00(Jap10:00)
  • Aug. 28th Saturday Aus20:00(Jap19:00)

Each lesson takes around 45 minutes.

You can join any schedule above, as many times as you want.
We will send you our professional BVS-pressurized bets and also information about our exercise video by mail.
So you need to apply in advance.

Online lessons are shared in a Zoom room.
We also invite you to the Facebook group for Japanaroo BVS group lesson.

Participation fee

AUS $350
Including participation for 5days-online live group lesson, a set of BVS-pressurized belts(2belts for arms and 2 belts for thighs) and exercise videos.
* list price(BVS-pressurized belts with exercise videos): 99,000 yen)

Application form

  1. Check details
  2. Send application form
  3. Pay participation fees
  4. Receive BVS belts
  5. Join in our lesson group (Facebook)

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For further inquiries, please contact us via email.

Japan Blood Vessel Stretch Association
Takao Maeda / Yuka Takahashi
606,5-1-13 Tanashi-cho, Nishitokyo city, Tokyo, Japan