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We provide BVS pressurized belts and BVS online exercise for healthy and rich lives, also train BVS certificated instructors.

The first training method using pressurized belts was invented by a Japanese bodybuilder in 1966.
Our BVS exercise is an evolved service that makes it easier for many people in any place to participate online.

BVS exercise is the exercise method of tightening with professional BVS belts on the base of the arms or thighs. It increases the effectiveness of exercise because the blood flow is properly restricted by pressurized.

Although it was for muscle training purposes, Takao Maeda, the representative of the Japan BVS Association, invented the new online BVS pressurized method for general people of any ages and any place. He established the BVS Japan Association in 2020 and He also started to train instructors with his method.

It is an effective exercise method for promoting health, anti-aging, weight loss, preventing lifestyle diseases, improving immunity, and of course muscle training and so on, by rejuvenating blood vessel age.

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“Japanaroo 2021” event in Australia.

It is the safe online event to promote friendship between Australia and Japan.
About Japanaroo 2021 event, read here.

Invitation to Japanese BVS-pressurized Exercise for Japanaroo 2021

During the event, People in Australia can purchase BVS belts and join our BVS pressurized method live experience at home. BVS belts are professyonal new models made in Japan and this is the first time you can purchase them in Australia.

We invite you (approximately 15 people) to join the Facebook group in advance. You can use BVS belts and participate in the online live (Zoom)exercise, also do self-exercise watching archived videos during the period.

We are planning to establish an Australian branch in the nearly future. So it mast be a great opportunity to experience Japanese effective method exercise in advanced.

If you wish to continue exercising after the event, you can do it!
In addition, If you are interested in BVS Japan associate as your business chance, please contact us for more information.

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